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FLUFFY MAS 2019 PRESENTS "CANDYLAND" An All Inclusive Costume & T-Shirt Band and Road Experience that will Treat your Eyes to the Vivid Colors of Baby Blue Cotton Candy, Pink Bubblegum, Lemon Heads, Gum Drops, PepperMint Sticks ALL Wrapped up in FLUFFY TuTus and Sexy!!

Dallas Carnival 2017

FLUFFY MAS DALLAS! SiStars you DID THAT! CANDYLAND was all I envisioned for our Band...the Colors..the ENERGY, the VYBEZ! We spent ALL DAY Sunday Together, enjoining in a Caribbean Cultural Experience that for most of us was NEW and I am so PROUD of you for taking a step outside of the fitness center "box" with me and our Sponsors and immersing yourselves in something else I'm Passionate about....BUILDING CULTURAL BRIDGES. Nigeria, Jamaica, Haiti, South Korea, America, Trinidad, Tobago, Malawi, Mexico, Gambia, Virgin Islands, Phillipines ALL Represented! The day was LONG and HOT, I'm sure we burned True Sweaty Sunday calories still! Thank you for your Trust my loves! The MOVEMENTS continue! To our FLUFFY MAS Sponsors...NONE OF THIS would be possible without YOU! Thank you ALL for your continuous support, everybody from the outside looking especially at the Back of our parade shirts can see that I am truly Blessed and I really can't express my appreciation and gratitude here in writing enough I swear. Fada Fenzik  and Anthony Farquharson... when we join forces I know Nothing is Impossible. I LOVE my Jamaican Crew! Special shot out to my bestie Carole Sturm with Healthilicious meals for providing our Entire Mas band and crew a Full, Delicious hot meal! Till di Next! BLESS!!! #FluffyMas2018

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