Lynn Creek Park @ Joe Pool Lake Grand Prairie, TX


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The Fluffy Mas 2021 INFERNO theme is a representation for how we have forged thru the trials and tribulations of life, how we forged thru the catastrophes of 2020 and how we will set our intentions to focus forward with a WARRIOR spirit and Blaze fire thru this life because we are Strong, Empowered and ALIVE. Fluffy Mas band leader Sarang Douglas has designed the Inferno costume lines as a tribute to her late mother and has handmade each feather piece with love. Fire colors! Red, Orange, Yellow and Black! Mohawks because we are Warriors and Conquerors! Our Fluffy Mas production camp is excited to extend the same love to your own costume.

As the award winning 2019 Dallas Carnival “Mas Band of the Year”, our returning members and new participants are excited to join our band this year. Fluffy Mas has earned a great reputation for providing our participants with a true VIP Experience on parade day! The all-inclusive VIP packages include your costume or t-shirt, food, snacks, water, beverages, goodie bag and festival entry. Our members will also enjoy exclusive access to the Fluffy Mas camp, an area at the festival designated for Fluffy Mas band members only  which offers restroom access and parking. You are welcome to bring your personal lawn chairs.

All full costume section packages  consist of 1 Feather Mohawk, 1 body suit, 2 upper arm bands, 2 wrist bands, 1 hip skirt, and 1 silk fan.

Fluffy Mas Inferno line 3 full costume sections are Spark (Yellow), Flame (Orange), and Blaze (Red)

Spark (yellow) ~ $400.00 – Spark the flames of Intentions! All actions begin with good Intentions for yourself!

Flame (orange) ~ $425.00 – Fan the Flames of Inspiration! You are an Inspiration to all those around you!

Blaze (red) ~ $450.00 – Blaze a trail thru life! Focus Forward with No Apologies!

FIRE~ Men and Womens T-Shirt section $70.00 – Fires Blaze a way to renewed Growth and LIFE! T-Shirt section package includes 1 t-shirt and 1 crown for women or 1 bucket hat for men.

Ember (Children’s section) info will be released soon.

 Fluffy-N-Fitness has been an active contributor to the Dallas Caribbean carnival efforts since 2016. We were awarded the 2016 T-Shirt Mas Band of the Year and the 2019 Full Costume Mas Band of the Year! This year 2021, the Fluffy Mas/Fluffy-N-Fitness DFW based team is happy to bring our Unique Energy, Flare and beautiful feathered costumes back to the Dallas Carnival Parade of the Bands with our INFERNO wellness theme. Fluffy Mas participants are from amongst all Walks of Life, Races, Cultures and Creeds! Fluffy Mas In collaboration with Fada Fenzik (PAIN KILLA SOUND) and DJ Sleepy (TNT SOUND) and our sponsors all join In an effort to promote cultural unity. As cultural ambassadors we welcome and invite the DFW population to the Rich and Diverse culture of the Caribbean/West Indies and the history of Caribbean carnival celebration.































Fluffy Mas 2021 Registration

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below. We will respond back within 24-48 hours. Thank You. 

Dallas Carnival 2017

FLUFFY MAS DALLAS! SiStars you DID THAT! CANDYLAND was all I envisioned for our Band...the Colors..the ENERGY, the VYBEZ! We spent ALL DAY Sunday Together, enjoining in a Caribbean Cultural Experience that for most of us was NEW and I am so PROUD of you for taking a step outside of the fitness center "box" with me and our Sponsors and immersing yourselves in something else I'm Passionate about....BUILDING CULTURAL BRIDGES. Nigeria, Jamaica, Haiti, South Korea, America, Trinidad, Tobago, Malawi, Mexico, Gambia, Virgin Islands, Phillipines ALL Represented! The day was LONG and HOT, I'm sure we burned True Sweaty Sunday calories still! Thank you for your Trust my loves! The MOVEMENTS continue! To our FLUFFY MAS Sponsors...NONE OF THIS would be possible without YOU! Thank you ALL for your continuous support, everybody from the outside looking especially at the Back of our parade shirts can see that I am truly Blessed and I really can't express my appreciation and gratitude here in writing enough I swear. Fada Fenzik  and Anthony Farquharson... when we join forces I know Nothing is Impossible. I LOVE my Jamaican Crew! Special shot out to my bestie Carole Sturm with Healthilicious meals for providing our Entire Mas band and crew a Full, Delicious hot meal! Till di Next! BLESS!!! #FluffyMas2018

Make sure to click on the photos to share them on Social Media as well as check the heart for the photos you love. Thank you for your support