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My name is Sarang Douglas, Creator of the FLUFFY-N-FITNESS Afri-Caribbean Dance Fitness Program! FLUFFY-N-FITNESS workouts are for ALL levels of fitness with Focus on Building Strength and Stamina for ladies with some extra Fluff! I myself have lost 200 lbs slowly and methodically so my Dance Fitness program is Empathetic to those of us that are Striving to break out of Morbid Obesity!!

At FLUFFY-N-FITNESS we strive to encourage individual weight loss and better health by promoting Self Acceptance and Self Love first as the foundation!! Our Unique SiSTARhood transcends the studio walls and We come together to SUPPORT, ENCOURAGE and MOTIVATE to attain realistic LIFESTYLE changes.

Embrace your FLUFFY SiStars and Come and get FIT with it! FLUFFY-N-FITNESS workouts are Sweaxy and FUN! Class is over before you even realize it! No Egos or Fat talk are allowed and we ask that you leave your INHIBITIONS at the Door!

Operation Expand the Brand is Under Way and Fluffy-N-Fitness will soon be in Your Cities and States! Fluffy-N-Fitness is more than an exercise/dance fitness program....Fluffy-N-Fitness is a State of Mind ;) !! I'd LOVE to see YOUR FLUFFY-N-FIT, get ready for Individual Features COMING SOON!! :)

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